Random Ramblings from the Group Scout Leader – September 2019

Date: 1st Oct 2019 Author: Deborah Dumville
29thSeptember 2019
Group Camp 2020
It’s well overdue, that we all came together under canvas and held a Group Camp. I am pleased to announce that it has been agreed by the Leaders that we will hold a camp for our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers over the Late May Bank holiday from Friday the 22nd to Monday the 25th May 2020 at our local Scout Campsite, Hope Hill in Meopham, Kent.
With more than 100 members likely to attend the event this will take a large amount of organising and we will be asking a team of parents to get involved in the preparation and also to go on the camp, in a support role to the Leaders. In the New Year you will start to receive information with more details about the camp, but do save the above dates in your diaries.
Waiting list confirmation.
There seems to be some confusion regarding our waiting list policy for new members who would like to join the XRE. Our Trustees have looked into and addressed this matter and have now published a more detailed waiting list policy for your consideration on our website under the Join section. We hope that this will make the process more transparent and easier to use for those wishing to join. If anyone has any questions or thoughts on this subject please do not hesitate to contact me.
Jamboree on the Air, change of location.
Jamboree on the Air or ‘JOTA’ is a World Scout event where millions of scouts set up short wave radio stations and skype and communicate with other scouts in their home countries via the air waves over the weekend of the 19th– 20thOctober 2019. Due to a double booking at Severndroog Castle we will, for one year only, be relocating to the 1stRoyal Eltham Scout Hall, Footscray Road, Eltham on the 19thOctober between 10.00 and 17.00. This year there will be no fee for the event (as we will not be hiring the castle) and if your child would like to take part in the activity please inform your section leaders. Uniform required.
No excuses!
Sadly, the message still does not seem to be getting through to some of our parents, that sending your children to our evening meetings or activities without scout scarves, scout trousers or scout shorts is not acceptable, I have increasingly noticed members turning up in leggings, football shorts or jeans and I am afraid if this continues then I will be forced to make contact with the relevant parents. I have reiterated many times over the years that if any of our members need financial support to purchase a uniform then we do have funds available. We also have a ready supply of second hand washed and pressed uniforms available at the Hut for anyone who might need them. If you require assistance in providing your children with a full uniform please do not hesitate to contact me in confidence. Uniforms can be purchased on Monday nights at The District Scout Centre, 19 Waverley Crescent, Plumstead SE18 7QT from 19.30 – 21.00. or on-line at shop.scouts.org.uk
Group Campfire
Our Group Campfire is almost upon us but this year at a new exciting location! All Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Families, are invited to join us for a singsong and a mass conker competition at Woodlands Farm on Thursday the 10thOctober, the campfire starts at 18.45 and will last around an hour. Uniform is not required but members should wear their scout scarves and dress warmly and bring along with them their prized conkers! There is no parking on site but the 89 bus does stop right outside the farm. (All Beavers and Cubs must be accompanied by an adult).
Bag Packing
We need to keep our Group bank balance topped up and raise some big bucks to cover our ever increasing yearly costs. We will be asking for volunteer Cubs, Scouts and Explorers to join us on Saturday December the 7th at M & S Food, Eltham for our Annual Bag Pack. Our section leaders, nearer the date,will decide rotas of no more than two hours long. Any parents willing to help out supervising would also be most welcome. This event is in full, smart uniform!
Row (Otter) Pinto our Beaver Leader recently informed our Beaver Parents that after 6 years she is no longer able to run the Beavers, single handed. If no parents step forward and volunteer to take on the role as Assistant Leaders then with great regret the Colony will not re start in the New Year.
Each of our sections need at least 4 trained uniformed leaders to share the organisation and to run a structured and fun programme, Beavers has one leader.
Unlike most Scout Groups we have no shortage of children who wish to join us and at present have long waiting lists for each section. The reality is that some local children will simply never be able to become members, and as a Group we really should be expanding and opening up new sections to supply the demand but unfortunately without adults coming forward to join us as leaders we may have no choice than to retract?
But on a very more positive note, a very big welcome to Ruby Shand who has volunteered to become an Assistant Leader within the Scout Troop, much appreciated by everyone here at the XRE and we wish here every success in her new appointment.
See you ‘Up the Hut’!
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls